27/07/2015 | The Mega Collection

On the slight chance that our Issue 14-18 reveal last week didn’t quite whet your appetite, we’re only going to go and reveal the contents of the next 5 volumes RIGHT DROKKING NOW! Read on, citizens!

Issue 19 – Judge Dredd: Total War (Vol 03)

This volume sees the Judges held to ransom by terrorist group Total War, as they reveal that nuclear devices are hidden around the city – unless Justice Department relinquishes control, they will be detonated one by one, killing millions. Dredd faces a race against time in this widescreen epic from writers John Wagner and Gordon Rennie, and artists Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint, Jason Brashill, Carl Critchlow, Anthony Williams and D’Israeli! Plus, read an enlightening Q&A with the legendary Henry Flint.

Issue 20 – The Simping Detective (Vol 21)

Undercover Judge Jack Point trawls the seedier streets of Sector 13 and what better way to blend in with Mega-City’s bizarre populace than dressed as a clown? Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving’s future-noir series takes private detective tropes and runs them through the Big Meg blender as Jack deals with untrustworthy dames, deadly aliens and tortuous metaphors. Plus Galen DeMarco’s P.I. stories from writer Robbie Morrison and artists Laurence Campbell, Dylan Teague and Steve Yeowell all feature in this fantastic volume.

Issue 21 – The Dead Man (Vol 04)

Young Yassa Povey finds ‘the Dead Man’ out in the Cursed Earth – terribly burned, barely clinging to life, he can remember nothing of what happened to him. Determined to find out the truth, he heads into the dark heart of the wasteland with Yassa in tow – what he finds will have shocking consequences… Written by John Wagner and illustrated by John Ridgway, this volume also includes an interview with the artist.

Issue 22 – Judge Dredd: Target Judge Dredd (Vol 30)

There are plenty of villains out there with an eye for taking down the great lawman – but have they got what it takes? Written by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Garth Ennis, this volume features Dredd’s encounters with merchants of death like Stan Lee aka ‘Deathfist’ and lethal hitman Jonni Kiss amongst others, and includes the art of Barry Kitson, John Burns, Greg Staples, Nick Percival, Jim Baikie and others.

Issue 23 – Devlin Waugh: Chasing Herod (Vol 15)

Vatican-sanctioned supernatural investigator and vampire Devlin Waugh faces one of his biggest cases to date in the epic ‘Chasing Herod’ storyline, and also puts him up against one of his most unstoppable foes. Written by John Smith and illustrated by Steve Yeowell, this volume also includes the flashback story ‘Innocence & Experience’ featuring the art of Peter Doherty, as we grab a glimpse of Devlin’s schooldays!

Which progs are you looking forward to diving into most and which progs are you hoping to see featured in our next reveal…?