21/07/2015 | The Mega Collection

We know we can’t keep you waiting any longer on the nitty gritty details on what awaits you in the next few issues of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection.

They do say that good things come to those who wait, and we hope you’ll agree that you’re in for a drokking treat with Issues 14 – 18!

Issue 14 – Psi-Judge Anderson: The Possessed (Vol 08)

This volume is packed with plenty of classic psi-action from Psi-Judge Anderson’s earliest solo adventures from writers Alan Grant and John Wagner, and featuring the art of Brett Ewins, Barry Kitson, Will Simpson, David Roach, Mark Farmer and Mick Austin. Psi-Div’s top telepath deals with cases of demonic possession, sleeper-cell agents, psychic manipulation and alien encounters in ‘The Possessed’, ‘Hour of the Wolf’, ‘Helios’, ‘Contact’ and ‘Beyond the Void’. As an added bonus, this volume also includes an interview with David Roach, and an overview of the late Brett Ewins’ career.

Issue 15 – Judge Dredd: Alien Nations (Vol 75)

All manner of aliens live in Mega-City One, and with them come more bizarre cases for the lawman to solve throughout this volume! Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, this collection of xeno-tales features art by Dean Ormston, Ian Gibson, Mick McMahon, Cam Kennedy, Jim Murray, Ashley Wood and Karl Richardson. Many of the stories have never been reprinted before, plus you’ll get to know the Big Meg via ‘The Aliens’ Guide to Mega-City One’ bonus feature.

Issue 16 – Judge Dredd: Doomsday for Dredd (Vol 42)

A mega-epic so big it has had be split between two volumes, 1999′s Doomsday Scenario comes to the Mega Collection! In the volume concentrating on Dredd, Orlok the Assassin arrives in the city with a plan to kidnap the lawman and take him back to East-Meg, where he will stand trial for war crimes. Meanwhile, crimelord Nero Narcos is making moves to wipe out the Judges forever with an army of robots… Escape with this volume, written by John Wagner, and featuring art from Carlos Ezquerra, Cam Kennedy, Simon Davis, Neil Googe, Mick McMahon and other legends.

Issue 17 – Judge Dredd: Oz (Vol 31)

Skysurf champion and hero of the people Marlon ‘Chopper’ Shakespeare breaks free from incarceration and escapes to Oz, where Supersurf 10 is being held. Meanwhile, a mysterious new enemy appears in the Big Meg calling itself the Judda – what links does it have with Justice Department’s past? Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, this epic story features art by Steve Dillon, Brendan McCarthy, Garry Leach, Barry Kitson, and many more, plus there’s an exclusive interview with Brendan McCarthy!

Issue 18 – Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos – Endgame (Vol 50)

The events that started in Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction come their shocking finale, with an entire city in flames as citizens run riot, infected with the Soviet Chaos Bug, and the Judges struggling to cope. Could this be the city’s final days? John Wagner writes one of the most explosive Dredd mega-epics ever, with art from Colin MacNeil, Henry Flint, Ben Willsher, Edmund Bagwell and Dave Taylor. Plus, take a special look at MC-1′s attempts to rebuild itself after its many catastrophes.

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