Fan post: Yes to Creative Freedom!

05/10/2015 | Fan Post

It is staggering to think that I’ve been reading about Judge Dredd for nearly forty years now, but I still love it.

I love the relative freedom creators have when compared to the likes of Marvel & DC. You want to draw Batman? Well here’s a list and if you deviate from it we will send the work back with a harsh note and a kicking. But Dredd? You want to do your own helmet? Stick a ridiculous (but cannon) boot holster on? Basically, artists are free to do their own interpretation, and although there are rules they don’t strangle creativity, and the strip has always been the better for it.

This brings me to the writing, and God amongst men John Wagner. Wagner uses the political base and weaves some incredible stories around the framework, making readers think. It’s thanks to him that Dredd has gone from fascist thug to true comics icon, with stories that are about the world he lives in, not just the character.

In short, Judge Dredd always keeps you guessing. He stands for The Law, sure, but he also stands for Justice, a true protector of a people that would be lost without him.


Fan post by Alan Holloway