Fan Post: The Dredd Renaissance

21/09/2015 | Fan Post

I am loving the recent renaissance in all things ‘Dredd’.

I clearly remember getting edition 2 of 2000ad and chatting about it with my friends at school. Yes, we loved Dan Dare, Harlem Heroes and all the rest – but Judge Dredd was immediately our main hero. Blazing along the road on his bike to deal alone with ‘Judge’ Whitey was exactly the hero we all wanted to be.

As years went by, the stories and artists just added texture, humour and an entire universe – if not a little fascism satire too- for Dredd to grow in, whilst remaining true to his unerring values and selflessness.

Constantly, there were conversations in the letters pages about who would be the ideal film Dredd – and we got our first taste of the reality in 1995 with a big budget Stallone film. Great visualisation, nice touches such as the ABC warriors, Angel gang and so on but ultimately it just missed the mark. Helmet! Kiss? Schneider WTF???

And so onto Urban’s ‘Dredd’. Here was MY Judge Dredd on screen: unwavering, unquestioning (almost!), an unstoppable force of Justice. Counterpointed by the excellent Anderson – we see her grow and develop massively, while we see Dredd alter his world view by a fraction of a millimetre at the end as he considers Anderson’s future.

Sadly, no sequel seems to be likely – but I have my perfect Dredd film and a whole new generation are aware of and devoted to Dredd.

He is the law!


Fan post by Chris Claydon.