Fan post: Never looking back…

12/10/2015 | Fan Post

Prior to subscribing to the Mega Collection I had only been vaguely aware of the existence of Judge Dredd – I mean I had read about it and heard about it but not actually read any of it, and I’m quite a big Comic, Manga and Graphic novel and Webcomic reader but ironically, for someone living in the UK, had read virtually no British comics. So when browsing the local corner shop I stumble upon the first issue of the Mega Collection, I thought I’d give it a spin. My instincts weren’t wrong and I certainly haven’t been disappointed leaving me eagerly waiting every month for the next set of issues for my eyes to gaze upon and read at a leisurely pace. The thing I really love most about the Mega Collection has to be the variety, the sheer variety, seeing snapshots of a series that has been running for around 38 years with the same chronology.

I like the variety in stories, with their range of narrative styles and settings sometimes where Judge Dredd isn’t even a character or is even the antagonist; I like how the morality isn’t particularly clear cut in a lot of the stories. And I love how the series is comprised of a ton of shorter stories and some longer ones where everything can change from one story to another but it’ll all feel seamless and part of the same world. The stories require little background information to enjoy which lets me just dive straight in, sometimes something from another story I haven’t read is referenced, but this only leaves me more eagerly awaiting an issue that will tell me about it. And this variety of stories really makes one volume of the collection last you;  you can always come back and re-read because there’s no way you remembered every story, even reading for the first time you can often read one story, put the book down and then come back to it for something different.

The variety in art is another lovely feature, you can see huge amount of different styles throughout different stories and can even see how things have changed as the comic progressed through time. I even love it when it gets very experimental – something you’d rarely see elsewhere. Ranging from very realistic to as stylised as you can get: black and white to colour, each artist bringing something new to the collection.

I suppose if I had to pick a favourite volume it would be SHAMBALLA, because of its quirky stories and fantastic art.

It is all these reasons and many more that that I certainly will be eagerly awaiting the day I can gaze upon a very long bookcase with all 80 volumes placed beautifully in a line and smile as I choose what to read.


Fan post by Ian Kidd