Fan post: Hooked on Dredd

28/09/2015 | Fan Post

I have read 2000AD since Prog 1, and as soon as JD appeared in Prog 2, I was hooked on the whole JD universe. Although at times some stories which have appeared in the 2000AD were not to my liking, I have always enjoyed the JD stories with the Cursed Earth epic still being my favorite JD sagas.

Throughout the history of JD the artwork always surpasses anything else which appears in the 2000AD and every artist or writer who has been involved in JD always seems to be able to add something extra without causing any major issues with the existing characters or the overall story line.

As well as subscribing to the 2000AD and JD Megazine, I also collect the various reprints of the JD stories which I enjoy re-reading and admiring the JD stories of years gone-by.

Other 2000AD stories which I have enjoyed reading are Strontium Dog, Stainless Steel Rat, (with no coincidence that they are is also drawn by Carlos Ezquerra), Zenith, Robo-Hunter, Button Man, Nikolai Dante, Slaine (but not so much the current stuff), and a lot of the one-off Future Shocks but I always come back to JD as my main source of thrill fulfilment.

Thank you for reading this, I hope you have enjoyed it. I have actually quite enjoyed reviewing my thoughts on Judge Dredd while writing all this down.


Fan post by Paul Hough