Dredd & The Doctor – Part Three, by Kevin Hall

29/06/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd followed this new citizen called the Doctor, into the abandoned Mutie asylum. The sky rumbled above the blackened tower, swirling with a deep red and flashes every so often. Dredd sniffed the air. Looked like a Rad Storm was on the way, and he didn’t particularly want to be outside when one hit.

The Doctor had bounded on ahead, his long, dark blue trenchcoat burled behind him. He scanned the place with his sonic screwdriver and placed a finger on the damp walls, licking it. “More than one survivor here,” he muttered to himself. Dredd appeared in the tall arched doorway, Lawgiver gripped tight. “Do try to keep up!” the Doctor shouted back.

Dredd growled. This older man was a lot fitter than him and had hardly broken a sweat. This… Rani, better be as dangerous as the Doctor says, although he secretly hoped he wasn’t. After the battle with The Dark Judges, Dredd really needed some downtime and time to heal. Though the first person to tell him this would get a bullet in between the eyes.

The Doctor was quick but also careful. So the Rani had taken a male disguise this time – fooling this city’s homing detectors. This Dredd character seemed to be in charge here, and he knew his stuff. Why the TARDIS had locked onto this particular spot was unclear though.

In the centre of the large room was a winding staircase, which wound its way up to the inmate’s cells. Of course, they were no longer here, surely? Dredd had taken the last one to death row years ago. Still, the sense of foreboding this place gave made him uneasy. He followed the Doctor, who had already sprinted halfway up the stairs.

As they both reached the top, this place still gave Dredd the shivers. They had closed it years ago but he remembered the smell, the crud and the low life’s he had to remove. The cells stretched quite far along and rose high into the air, with a once impenetrable wall. The walls were slimy and covered in lime and Grud knows what. Dredd remembered the screeching. The screeching had been the worst. He thought of Anderson, lying there in a coma, unable to do anything.

“It’s coming from up here!” The Doctor shouted. “Can’t you hear it? The humming sound…” Dredd stopped at the first block of cells. The ground was beginning to shake. “What the Drokk is going on?!” Dredd growled.

In the midst of the dust and rubble, a figure emerged, dressed in a long, leather jacket with a big grin on his face. “Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood. I believe this is one of yours?”

From out of the gloom, a large ABC Warrior emerged, and fully alive…