Dredd & The Doctor – Part Four, by Kevin Hall

06/07/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd could only watch on as this Jack Harkness perp walked briskly by and patted the Doctor on the back. “Been a long time, my friend,” he smiled.

The Doctor nodded. “It has. What is that thing? Never seen one before…”

Jack grinned. “An ABC Warrior. Hammerstein Mark II. Been around for centuries and still in good working condition. Much like you and the TARDIS, eh?”

The Doctor managed a small smile. “Indeed. How did you end up here, Jack?”

“I… had the Time Device reactivated and it locked onto these coordinates. I know you don’t like the thing but I had to… In case…”

The Doctor nodded. “I know. In case she comes back. All right. Will this robot here help me stop the Rani?”

“Yes, well, I hope so. I –”

All of a sudden there was a crash as the spikey hair man burst out of one of the cells, carrying what looked like a giant Hour glass in a glass box, which was turning and spinning wildly. He changed into the woman form of one of the Doctor’s old friends… Ace! The Rani winked at him and a speeder bike shot out of the cell she was just in. The Rani sat on it and it shot out of the far window down into the Radlands below.

This all happened so fast that the three of them looked at each other momentarily, before giving chase. Dredd ran back down the stairs and outside towards his bike, while the Doctor locked onto the TARDIS. Jack beamed out of the building in a flash.

A high speed chase ensues. Dredd revved up the bikes engines and primed his cannons, while the TARDIS hurtled and spun past along the red wastes. Jack was literally flying along the beam of energy locked onto the Rani, but was struggling more than the others. It was then that the Rani stopped suddenly, making all three of them screech to a halt.

The ground began to shake and the Rani turned and smiled, flipping the Hour Glass up into the air. It landed on the ground and the sand began to drip down. “You have two hours to save her, Dredd. And then she will join the Nethersphere forever!”

With that the Rani clicked her fingers and vanished, before the Doctor could see a figure approaching, one who would save them all. He let out one word, his voice croaked. “Rose!”