Dredd & The Doctor – Part Five, by Kevin Hall

13/07/2015 | Fan Post

As the figure approached, even Dredd was in awe of her beauty. She was dressed in a slender leather one fit suit, with dark gloves and boots. Her blonde hair flowed behind her and she had a cute button nose and deep eyes that looked like they had seen much.

She carried what looked like a large watch but it was the biggest watch Dredd had ever seen. He grunted and killed the bike’s engines. “Who are you?”

The Doctor exited the TARDIS, grinning from ear to ear. He ran up to her and hugged her gently. “Rose! You found us. Good. I see you have the Timey Wimey. Good show. Really good show. You know how to use it?”

Rose smiled and nodded. “One use though right? Can’t have the laws of time affected. After it’s flipped I have to go back.”

The Doctor lowered his head. “Yes. This will reverse time flow, so I can go back to the time before the Rani injected Miss Anderson with the Dream Virus. But we have to do it now. Be well, Rose.” He bent down and kissed her on the cheek.

She took the large watch and flipped it hard, watching it spin around. All of time sped backwards…

And Dredd found himself back in the Med wing with Anderson. It looked like it was just before the perp injected Anderson! He was ready for him approaching – and would catch him this time!

Dredd saw the Rani running up to them, an evil glint in their eyes. He drew his gun… But it was then that the ABC Warrior crashed through the ceiling, dropping onto the Rani and almost crushing her. The needle skidded across the ground and Dredd picked it up, just as the TARDIS materialised in the room before them.

The Doctor poked his head out if the door and grinned. “Ahh… Good. You have the virus.” He took it from Dredd, who looked really mad. “And don’t worry about the Rani – she was sucked back through time and now is in my custody. That perp there is all yours, Mr. Dredd.”

Dredd growled. “That’s JUDGE Dredd to you. And we still need to talk.”

The Doctor smiled. “Some other time perhaps. Must dash. Worlds to save and all that. Good luck. We will meet again. I am sure of it.”

With that, the TARDIS dematerialised. Dredd watched a piece of paper float down to the floor and he swiped down to pick it up. On the front was a crude drawing of a man Dredd despised more than anyone else, with a scribble underneath.