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Fan post: Never looking back…

Prior to subscribing to the Mega Collection I had only been vaguely aware of the existence of Judge Dredd – I mean I had read about it and heard about it but not actually read any of it, and I’m quite a big Comic, Manga and Graphic novel and Webcomic reader but ironically, for someone […]

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12/10/2015 | Fan Post

Fan post: Yes to Creative Freedom!

It is staggering to think that I’ve been reading about Judge Dredd for nearly forty years now, but I still love it. I love the relative freedom creators have when compared to the likes of Marvel & DC. You want to draw Batman? Well here’s a list and if you deviate from it we will […]

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05/10/2015 | Fan Post

Fan post: Hooked on Dredd

I have read 2000AD since Prog 1, and as soon as JD appeared in Prog 2, I was hooked on the whole JD universe. Although at times some stories which have appeared in the 2000AD were not to my liking, I have always enjoyed the JD stories with the Cursed Earth epic still being my […]

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28/09/2015 | Fan Post

Fan Post: The Dredd Renaissance

I am loving the recent renaissance in all things ‘Dredd’. I clearly remember getting edition 2 of 2000ad and chatting about it with my friends at school. Yes, we loved Dan Dare, Harlem Heroes and all the rest – but Judge Dredd was immediately our main hero. Blazing along the road on his bike to […]

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21/09/2015 | Fan Post

Fan post – Necropolis review

I’ve always thought Necropolis was a good story, one of my favourite Dredd epics. After reading this volume (which is entirely taken up by the story) though I think I’ll have to change my opinion. I think it might actually be my outright favourite. Tight storytelling, characters artwork and foreshadowing mean it’s a really satisfying […]

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14/09/2015 | Fan Post

Fan post – Dredd Judged!

After a summer of generally mediocre and unremarkable blockbusters, it took a mid-budget, independent, comic book adaptation to generate any excitement. And what an exhilarating and exciting movie Dredd turned out to be – more than living up to its classic comic book source material, no mean feat in itself. Dredd (2012) gets everything right […]

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07/09/2015 | Fan Post

Can too much of a good thing be bad? Not with Dredd.

Life in Rylan Clark block is tough. Real tough. But you know what? Every now and then something comes your way which hits you between the eyes, and reminds you that life is worth living. I got this umpty-bagger see, says he’s in the know. Connected. Offers me something far greater than the dirtiest umpty […]

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31/08/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd & The Doctor – Part Five, by Kevin Hall

As the figure approached, even Dredd was in awe of her beauty. She was dressed in a slender leather one fit suit, with dark gloves and boots. Her blonde hair flowed behind her and she had a cute button nose and deep eyes that looked like they had seen much. She carried what looked like […]

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13/07/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd & The Doctor – Part Four, by Kevin Hall

Dredd could only watch on as this Jack Harkness perp walked briskly by and patted the Doctor on the back. “Been a long time, my friend,” he smiled. The Doctor nodded. “It has. What is that thing? Never seen one before…” Jack grinned. “An ABC Warrior. Hammerstein Mark II. Been around for centuries and still […]

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06/07/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd & The Doctor – Part Three, by Kevin Hall

Dredd followed this new citizen called the Doctor, into the abandoned Mutie asylum. The sky rumbled above the blackened tower, swirling with a deep red and flashes every so often. Dredd sniffed the air. Looked like a Rad Storm was on the way, and he didn’t particularly want to be outside when one hit. The […]

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29/06/2015 | Fan Post