Can too much of a good thing be bad? Not with Dredd.

31/08/2015 | Fan Post

Life in Rylan Clark block is tough. Real tough. But you know what? Every now and then something comes your way which hits you between the eyes, and reminds you that life is worth living. I got this umpty-bagger see, says he’s in the know. Connected. Offers me something far greater than the dirtiest umpty I could dream of. But there’s a catch. In comes in instalments. Too much of a good thing can be bad for ya, right? This rich vein has to be mined slowly. It’s dangerous. It’s illegal. But let me tall ya, it’s pure. It takes you out of the slow lane, and lands you on top of the Hall of Justice itself, man! What’s more, it’s all on old school printed paper, (hard-back)! Judge Dredd – The Mega Collection. Whisper it quietly, but it’s out there, and it’s addictive as hell, and you’re all gonna want a slice. So get on the train and discover why this thing gives you a rush like no tomorrow, with tales and artwork tasting sweeter than sugar itself, man! Umpty candy? Pffft. You’re kidding right? This is the purest thrill you could ever hope to find…

Fan post by Jim Kilpin