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Fan Post by Liam Dickinson

Judge Dredd is awesome! I am 13 and I can’t get enough of this comic book character. I have always loved comics, whether it was Spider-Man, Batman or even the Thunderbirds. I loved it all. Anyway, about one year ago I was in the library in the comics section looking for some new material that […]

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18/05/2015 | Fan Post

Guest Post by Tyler Goulet

2000 AD’s new Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection is a thing a beauty; taking the 38+ years of Judge Dredd history and presenting it in a new way for long time fans and new readers, especially after the cult-like success of the Dredd movie is nothing short of genius. Instead of packaging these gorgeous hardcovers […]

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11/05/2015 | The Mega Collection

Fan Blog Post by Stephen Parry

My “relationship” with Judge Dredd has been one of love and hate. When he’s pedantically obeyed the letter of the law and imprisoned an offender for what we would consider a minor crime, I’ve hated him; when he’s defended Mega-City One from rogue robots, mutants, gangs and other assorted scum, I’ve loved him. Dredd may […]

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05/05/2015 | Fan Post

The Thrill-Cast Supplemental #1: Emma Beeby

Writer Emma Beeby joins the first 2000 AD Thrill-Cast ‘Supplemental’ episode for a two-part interview and in-depth talk about Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, breaking into 2000 AD and representation in comics. Subscribe on iTunes or stream at SoundCloud.

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| The Mega Collection

Fan Post by Chris Hallam

No British comic character captured the spirit of the 80′s quite like Judge Dredd. In fact, Dredd was neither a product of the 1980′s nor was the character itself based in Britain. When British science fiction comic 2000 AD launched in 1977, it was a hero of the 1950′s, Dan Dare who seemed set to […]

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26/04/2015 | Fan Post

2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode #07

Pat Mills and Simon Davis, the creative team behind Sláine: The Brutania Chronicles, talk to Molch-R about the new series and how the Celtic barbarian has changed over the years, while Matt Smith chats about the latest ‘jumping on’ issue for the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic! Subscribe on iTunes or stream at SoundCloud.

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20/04/2015 | The Mega Collection

Fan Post: Dredd, Books and Memories: A Time-Travel Story by Daniel Shenton

WH SMITH. FEBRUARY, 2015 I have in my hands Mechanismo, issue 2 of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection. The first issue, America was a brilliant read and told new readers all they needed to know about Judge Dredd, his colleagues, and the world they inhabit. In some ways it was the perfect introduction. Not that […]

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13/04/2015 | Fan Post

2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode #6

Episode #6 of the official 2000 AD podcast is now live. Artist Kev Walker is the latest guest on the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast and talks about his early career, working on the Sylvester Stallone ‘Judge Dredd’ movie, and Mandroid – the latest edition of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection! Subscribe on iTunes or stream at […]

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07/04/2015 | The Mega Collection

Mega Exclusive: Issues 7 & 8 Revealed

OK citizens, we know we can’t keep you waiting any longer… it is finally time to reveal what’s inside issues 7 and 8 of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection! Issue 7: The Heavy Mob This issue comprises of the stories Holocaust 12, Brit-Cit Brute, Wynter and the Judge Dredd tales Father Earth, Debris and Warzone, […]

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30/03/2015 | The Mega Collection

2000 AD Thrill-Cast

Check out the latest on Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection on the official 2000 AD podcast. Episode #5 is now live with guest Alan Grant, one of 2000 AD’s greatest writers, as he talks to publicity droid Molch-R about the incredible art and profound ideas behind Judge Anderson: Shamballa. Subscribe on iTunes or stream at […]

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23/03/2015 | The Mega Collection


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