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2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode 11

Dan Abnett, Phil Winslade, and Paul Grist are this week’s guests for the second part of the Judge Dredd Megazine #361 special, talking about their new stories – Lawless and Demon Nic – for the ideal jumping on issue for 2000 AD’s sister magazine. Listen now at SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

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24/06/2015 | The Mega Collection

Dredd & The Doctor – Part Two, by Kevin Hall

Dredd followed the green spiked haired perp, who he nicknamed Spug, into the derelict asylum. His headlight attached to his helmet scanned the area. The thick, pulsating fog gave off radioactive danger signs, and he didn’t want to be here longer than he had to be. He clasped hold of his Lawgiver, his only protection […]

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22/06/2015 | Fan Post

Dredd & The Doctor – Part One, by Kevin Hall

Dredd parked the Lawmaster and made sure his LawGiver was fully charged. The creep wasn’t going to get away this time. This section of the Radlands had been unexplored and even though he was showing his age, Dredd could still survive in the harshest of conditions. With a scan over the red land and the […]

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15/06/2015 | Fan Post

2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode 10

In the latest 2000 AD Thrill-Cast, the first of a two-part special, hear from Carlos Ezquerra, Gordon Rennie, Leah Moore, John Reppion, and Tom Foster about their new Dredd-world strips for the Judge Dredd Megazine. Listen now at SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

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10/06/2015 | The Mega Collection

Fan Post by Craig Sheldon

Time for a celebration! As a long time comic book reader, I am ashamed to admit that Judge Dredd is a title that has passed me by. I know, 5 years in the iso-cubes! However, thanks to the new Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection I can get all the stoney-faced action the law can give! […]

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08/06/2015 | Fan Post

Fan Post by Steve Green

Before we knew the 2012 movie was in production, we started on producing a fan film based on a minor character from the early days of Dredd: Judge Minty. If you’ve not seen it, we hope you enjoy it. Check it out here!

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01/06/2015 | Fan Post

2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode #09

What’s it like being a brand new creator for 2000 AD? Find out from Daniel Dwyer (no, not that one) about winning the 2000 AD Portfolio Competition at the Thought Bubble convention and getting his first work for 2000 AD, as well as writer Ian Edginton about his brand new series with Matt “D’Israeli” Brooker […]

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27/05/2015 | The Mega Collection

Fan Post by George Richardson

Mega-city One’s most read article, after nearly 20 years of down time from my most favourite magazine 2000 AD, I have reignited my passion in the form of The Mega Collection. What can I say but WOW what a entry?! America had me gripped from page to page I didn’t want to put it down, […]

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21/05/2015 | Fan Post

2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode #08

Johnny Vegas and Dirk Maggs are the VERY special guests on the Thrill-Cast as they talk about their love of 2000 AD, writing Judge Dredd for radio, any why Johnny’s unlikely to appear in any movies soon! Plus: Gordon Rennie on swords and sandals epic series Aquila, this week’s release from 2000 AD, and your feedback! […]

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20/05/2015 | The Mega Collection

The Thrill-Cast Supplemental #2: Emma Beeby

The second half of an in-depth chat with writer Emma Beeby about Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson, breaking into 2000 AD and representation in comics. You can still subscribe on iTunes or stream at SoundCloud and catch-up on all the 2000 AD podcasts.

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