10/08/2015 | The Mega Collection

Hey Dredd-heads! We have an exciting insight for you today on the blog: we’re going to give you a look at the creation of our third premium subscriber print.

This third exclusive print is courtesy of Carl Critchlow, a British fantasy and science fiction comic illustrator. Carl Critchlow’s first professional work began in 1983, writing and illustrating the popular Thrud the Barbarian strip for White Dwarf magazine. He first appeared in 2000 AD in 1990, working on the Nemesis the Warlock and Deadlock story ‘Warlocks and Wizards’, and went on to illustrate Flesh, Judge Dredd (including the third Dredd/Batman crossover, ‘The Ultimate Riddle’), Mean Machine, Tales of Telguuth and Lobster Random, the character he co-created with writer Simon Spurrier, as well as contributing hundreds of illustrations for the Magic: The Gathering card game. In 2002 he adopted a new style, foregoing the fully painted work in favour of computer-coloured linework.

Here we present you with the process Carl went through whilst creating the special print for the premium subscribers of Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection:

This is the rough version of the final print – notice the blood on the ground that is later removed…


This is the second version – the blood has disappeared & the colour has been doctored but it’s still not quite finished…


 And here we have the final print! How drokking mega is that?!