2000 AD Thrill-Cast episode 14

05/08/2015 | The Mega Collection

Artist Steve Yeowell joins the Thrill-Cast this week for the latest 2000 AD ‘Supplemental’ episode. From how he got started in the industry (writing a toy tie-in series with Grant Morrison) to seeing his artwork lovingly reproduced in the new Apex Edition, this in-depth two-part interview begins by talking about everyone’s favourite ‘superbrat’, Zenith!

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And while you’re there, make sure you catch up on last week’s San Diego Comic Con special. Get access to the greatest show on Earth and join Carlos Ezquerra, Jock, Andy Diggle, and Molch-R at the 2000 AD panel from San Diego Comic Con, plus hear Carlos’ special Spotlight Panel – only on the 2000 AD Thrill-Cast!